8 Best lip balms for men 2021

Best 8 lip balms for men  2021:

8 Best lip balms for men 2021 to try to get rid of dark, damage lips. These top lip balms for men nourishes into natural tone. The best lip balms for men you should check out here.

What is a Lip balm?

It is a substance of wax applied on lips to keep moisturize & get rid of dry lips. It contains ingredients like Beeswax, Camphor, Cetyl alcohol, paraffin & petrol latum etc.

How it works?

Primary function to retain moisture on lips and protect from outer exposures wind, cold & dry temperatures causes drying of lips. As lips are vulnerable they effect more compared to their skin. Hence, those lip balm wax ingredients prevent the lips dryness. Lip balm is a skin care tool easy to carry everywhere you want.

Why should men use it?

It’s the weather which causes lips for every human being including men. If you suffering from chopped, irritation & dryness of lips moisturise & protect from lips damage.

When to use it?

Use it when if you feel your lips get started chapped, dry. Use before going to sleep or going anywhere outside protects from cold, wind & sun. It keeps wet & moisturise your lips.

8 Best Lip balms for men 2021 :

1. The Man Company lightening lip balm vitamin E & Liquorice oil :

It does exactly what it’s name is saying. This lip balm lightens your lips to natural color by making healthy & smooth. It has Vit E, protects from sun damage, and liquorice oil boosts moisturise level.

Benefits :

  1.  Lighten the dark lips to natural tone color.
  2. Keep moisturise long lasting
  3. Reprise damaged, cracked & chopped lips
  4. contains Vit E, which generates new skincells.
  5. It has Hibiscus, which make lips plumper, rejuvenate skin cells
  6. Lightens lips of smokers also.

Item weight : 4 grams

Price : Rs 216/-

2. Nivea Lip balm :

Nivea lip balm nourishes the lips with it’s pampering formula it provides required protection & rich care from drying your lips. This lip balm acts as moisturizer & which gives perfect texture & smooth to your lips. It has shea butter & Panthenol as ingredients provides 12- hours care effect & keeps your lips soft.

Benefits :

  1. Healthy looking lips
  2. Enriched with Panthenol & Shea Butter
  3. Keeps 12 hours moisturise
  4. Weight less structure & uncolored
  5. Protect lips & moisturise loss
  6. Contains fruit cherry shines lips

Item weight : 5 grams

Price : Rs 138/-

3. Beardo Lip lightening for men :

This balm will repairs cracked/damaged lips and lighten them into natural one. If smokers have this problem of being dark lips then, this will be the solution. Common belief of people is if liking lips frequent, lips will be moisturised but, damaged cause even dryer. This is due to present of Nicotine, heat & free radicals from smoking cigarettes cause darken your lips.

To overcome this issue, Beardo come up with a lip lightener for men as it lightens, hydrates lips. It has natural ingredients of Sunflower oil, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond oil, Mango Butter heals the lips. Vitamin A, Vitamin C & Vitamin E all are lighten the lips if you use daily the result will be good.

Benefits :

  1. Mango Butter moisturise & soothes lips
  2. Vit E reduce spots, restores suppleness.
  3. Shea Butter protects & hydrates lips.
  4. Sunflower oil nourishes lips
  5. Makes lips very smooth, reduces spots

Item weight : 7 grams

Price : Rs 450/-

4. PRO MEN lip lightener for smokers with SPF 15 :

Main function of this product is lightens lips & help to gain natural look tone. As name mentioned it well works for smokers lips. If you use regular result will come within 4-6 weeks only. Cigarette packed with free radicals which causes damage & make lips dark. It has dual action.

  • Lightens dark lips into normal lip tone.
  • Protects from further lip damages

It has Mint flavored fortified with SPF 15, which protects lips from Sunlight & Pollution. Use 2-3 times daily or after smoking . Arbutin, Glutathione, Licorice as main ingredients.

Benefits :

  1. Dark pigment lips be lightened
  2. Remove dead skincells
  3. Creates layer of nourishing protection & prevents lips from further damage
  4. Arbutin extract from Bearberry which is safe & no side effects
  5. Glutathione acts as Anti oxidant which enables Melanin
  6. Licorice is a Depigmentation
  7. It has smoothing Mint Flavor.

Item weight : 10 grams

Price : Rs 299/-

5. Urban Gabru  Lip balm for lightening & brightening dark lips :

It is scientifically designed with main ingredients like Vitamin E, Beeswax & Shea butter heals the dry and damaged, chapped lips and prevent them from more worsening.

Benefits :

  1. All in one product, which exfoliates dark, dead lips into natural lip tone.
  2. Full of natural ingredients like Shea butter, Vitamin E & Beeswax which boosts & repairs dead cells of lips.
  3. Acts as good moisturiser by escaping from environment, sunlight.
  4. Contains No harmful chemicals.
  5. Protects from Sun damages, easy carry to anywhere you want.
  6. Available for both men & women.
  7. Rich in Fatty acid & Anti Allergenic property.

Item weight : 20 grams

Price : Rs 199/-

6. TNW – The Natural Wash Beetroot Lip balm :

During winter, lips get dry, chapped & cracked. Lips required moisturizing care daily. The Natural Wash Beetroot lip balm is the best solution as it contains Beetroot, provides constant moisturising effect. Main ingredients are Shea butter, Beetroot, Jojoba oil, Cocoa butter, Apricot oil, Honey etc protect lips from damage & make lips healthier.

Benefits :

  1. Beetroot hydrates lips & protects from damaging
  2. Free from chemicals & parabens
  3. Cocoa butter – contains Anti oxidants help to achieve wrinkles free lips
  4. Apricot oil – helps lips to get moisturise & hydrated
  5. Honey – protects lips from being dry & cracked
  6. Jojoba oil – gives lips a natural shine

Item weight : 29 grams

Price : Rs 579/-

7. Nivea Men Active Care SPF 15 :

It provides long lasting moisturise & also shines your lips. It is specifically designed for men with SPF 15 formula, which protects from UV-A, UV-B rays come with package dimensions of 11.8×7.5×2.2Cm, 5 gr

Benefits :

  1. Dermatologically approved compatibility
  2. Twist cap to open & apply easily
  3. Ease of use, low price, good functionality
  4. SPF suggests its for going outdoors

Item weight : 5 grams

Price : Rs 306/-

8. L’bert Mint Lip balm Kiss ready lips, 24 hrs Moisturiser :

It nourishes lips to look their best forever. If you are suffering from chapped, peeling lips then, use this Mint lip balm which moisturise to deserving lips. Mint flavour gives glossy look to lips. It has Shea butter, Mint, Wheat germ oil, Sunflower oil as main ingredients. This lip balm works as a perfect smooth texture to your lips.

Benefits :

  1. A complete lip repairing system protects from harmful UV & Environmental factors.
  2. Mint lip balm – provides manly glossy look
  3. Wax Base – Retains moisturise
  4. Shea butter – corrects dry, damaged lips
  5. Sunflower oil – nourishes & hydrates your lips
  6. Gives 24 hrs moisturization

Item weight : 8 grams

Price : Rs 230/-

These are the various Lip balms which protect chapped, damaged, peeled lips and gives moisturiszation effect and nourishes lips into natural tone.

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