Best 13 Fashion tips for men | Quick tips

I wonder with the comments for my earlier posts regarding some ‘Quick fashion tips for men’. As everyone wants to know I tried to incorporate them in this article.Let us discuss some quick Best 13 Fashion tips for men

Quick fashion tips for men:

1. Keep simple :

Be simple, keep it simple. If you have a wardrobe and heavily covered with outfits then immediately keep them simple. Don’t overdo them. Don’t use more than 3 jewelry colors. Don’t become a rock star by wearing all stuffs combined.

Wear Simply a black shirt on blue jeans and a blazer with black shoes and black belts. To sum up add ties, watch and accessories.

2. Fitting :

It is one of the most quick tips for men. No need to change if everything is fit. Some people wear too large clothes. Use clothing according to your outfit / body type. Don’t go loose. Your fitting is good then everything is good.

3. Change the way U see Casuals :

Casuals need not yo be bored. Have some collared shirts and ask for suggestions who’s approach for casuals is different and stylish.

4. Don’t go alone to shopping :

Don’t trust the sales persons as they are working for their commission. If you are confusing what to buy, what to wear then, shop with your friends or any person who will give you a correct opinion about shopping, clothing, budget etc.

5. Paying attention to supporting pieces :

There are some lean, chunky, big sweaters. Rule is that your top n bottom both have to be matched. If you wear chunky, big sweater you will look ugly and don’t wear on silk & wool pants. Wear on jeans, cargoes or on blazers.

6. Stay a notch above :

Sometimes you need to be overdressed than under dressed to look heavy. But do remember where are you going like occasion, meeting etc. Don’t overdressed than groom or your boss.

7. Outfit details :

Like square pockets, buttons, collars, scarf, the way you tie, tuck & iron etc. These are some outfit details to know well.

8. Pair of Shoes :

Everyone in a meeting or office notice your shoes. So keep shoes clean & polished. Wear like a man of knowing fashion sense & taste in a better manner.

9. Fashion Tees & logos :

Try t-shirts with logos like Polo, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger. Try V-neck, round neck t-shirts as per your taste n outfit.

10. Disregard Trend :

Don’t buy everything comes in trend. First fill timeless wardrobe and bring some changes as per your taste n fashion sense. Build a versatile look.

11. Don’t suck for Brands :

Go according to you ‘love the quality & it’s style.’ Not for brand names. First you decide what items to purchase and later quality n brand.

12. Know Feedback :

Before going to purchase you need to know the feedback first. Based on feedback, you go with your friends and buy online or local store.

13. Experiment with style :

Try new things by experimenting. You will know by doing mistakes and gain experience. It will help you a lot in future. Many guys afraid of experiment with different outfits, but do whatever under your comfort zone.

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Best 13 Fashion tips for men | Quick tips
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Best 13 Fashion tips for men | Quick tips
Best 13 Fashion tips for men | Quick tips
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