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Here are some Best Razors for men to try

Gillette Mach 3 Turbo manual shaving razor :

gillette mach 3 razor
        Gillette mach 3 razor

Features :

  1. sharp 3 blades
  2. long lasting lubricant strip
  3. micro-fin skin guard 5 close shave
  4. ergonomic premium for control
  5. responsive blade suspension
  6. pressure adjusting pivot
  7. comfort gel bar
  8. sharp new blades

it has 3 blades with advanced anti-friction coating which removes hair without irritating you.the protective & soft micro-fins smoothen the skin, allow easily & effortless shaving. it gives clean shave in a single stroke, lifetime is 3 years.

Do not :

  • razor shouldn’t be more horizontally
  • don’t touch blade with hands otherwise it cuts
  • keep away from children

Price : 290/-

Buy :

flex ball fusion pro glide razor:

Flexball fusion glide
            Flexball fusion glide

Features :

  1. flex ball technology
  2. anti friction blades
  3. micro-fin skin guard
  4. enhanced lubricants
  5. thin & fine blades
  6. precision trimmer
  7. 30 days of shave with only 1 refill

Ultimate Gillette product is flex ball technology fusion pro glide which is respond to the contours for great shaving without redness. blades of re-engineered cut hair thin & fine without efforts. it has edge cutting shave technology with stabilizer blade gives best shave experience. it stretch the skin, optimal spacing blade producing with more comfort. gillette fusion pro glide razor has lubricant polymer which allow it smooth razing for any number of respected strokes. it is lightweight and easy to use.

Price : Rs.424/-

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The Man company 5 blade razor :

the man company 5 blade razor
The man company 5 blade razor

Features :

  1. (5+1) technology blade
  2. blades of coated diamond
  3. single styling trimmer blade
  4. Vitamin-E lubricating strip
  5. comfort wide handle grip

Assure durability & sharpness at edges and has 5(L-shaped) blades which are closely placed for more comforting & easily rinse. comes with lightweight & wide grip & different colors like – Tuskan yellow, midnight blue and jet black.

weight : 90 gram

price : Rs 271/-

Buy :

Pearl Shaving double edge safety razor :

pearl shaving double edge razor
Pearl shaving double edge razor

Features :

  1. styled, balanced & 20% heavy than other razor.
  2. high quality product
  3. plating life is long
  4. precising and smoothness
  5. weight distribution is unique
  6. effortless strokes
  7. open comb head & closed comb heads
  8. effective cost & durability

It comes with close comb head which is providing excess protection with it’s safety, straight bar which runs underneath length of blade of razor. one of the Best safety razors for beginners. Also a great choice for women as it’s weight is light.

weight : 82 grams

Length of handle : 4 inch

Material : brass metal

Head material : zinc alloy

Price : Rs 298/-

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Hajamet double edge safety razor :

Hajamet double edge safety razor
Hajamet double edge safety razor

Features :

  1. High grade stainless steel 304
  2. perfect weight & size
  3. Short handle
  4. Vintage 3 piece safety razors
  5. Premium material used
  6. Zinc head
  7. Optimal angle
  8. Knurled handle

It has a short handle which gives more comfort & close shave. Patterned with Texture, provides the grip when it is gliding edge of razor blade. 3-piece razor can be easily both assemble or disassemble for cleaning purpose & alignment respectively. Comes with one safety razor without blades, handle for secure grip in any conditions.

Weight : 62 grams

Handle Length : 84 mm

Total Length : 89 mm

Handle : SS304

Close comb : Zinc head

Price : Rs 299/-

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Letsshave pro 4 manual shaving Razor for men :

letsshave pro 4
Letsshave pro 4 RAZOR

Features :

  1. 4 sharp blades of stainless steel
  2. Open flow cartridge
  3. Pivot head
  4. Lubricating strip
  5. Razor caps
  6. Moisturising strip
  7. Rubber fin
  8. Ergonomic handle
  9. Interchangeable blades
  10. Blade refills

Get a perfect shave by :

  • Change blades
  • Trim beard before shave
  • Exfoliate face
  • Now shave
  • Apply sulphate free & paraben after shave

This Razor gives both comfort & smooth shaves. The gap between 4 blades for any obstacles of hair accumulation & debris. Moisturising strip enriched with Vitamin-E, Lavender & Aloevera, ckeanse sensitive skin also. Keeps skin soft, healthy. Ergonomic grip gives more grip even in wet. Razor cap to protect blades during travel & between shaving.

Weight : 81 grams

Dimensions : 15×6.3×3 Cm

Price : Rs 249/-

Buy :

Bombay shaving company precision safety Razor :Bombay shaving razor

Bombay shaving razor

Features :

  1. Feather stainless blades
  2. 1 blade for 1-stroke shave
  3. Get premium shaving experience
  4. Skin friendly
  5. Ergonomic design
  6. Cost effective
  7. Aggressive clamp setting
  8. Packaged premium gift box

An Indian manufacturing product engineered with perfection. It comes with smooth finishing, beautiful holding, light weight, Japanese engineered feather blades, comfortable shaving experience for all skin types. It’s packaged gift box is stunning which can be present to  other men as a gift hamper.

Max life : 2 years

Weight : 96 grams, 11.5 Cm metal

Metal : Brass & Zamac alloy

Dimensions : 6.3×6.3×6.3 Cm

Price : Rs 969/-

Buy : amazon

These are the various types of razors which are available in low budget cost and have more sustainability and durability.

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