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Want to do budget shopping???

This website Men life fashion has all the answers to the questions about low budget shopping , tips for shopping . Read below Best tips for mens shopping under budget.

1. Buy what you need :

It’s a simple common sense, but if you start bargaining you will save & start to buy more items. You are in an illusion of saving but really it’s not.

Whether you are going to spend a Rs 100/- onĀ  a t-shirt or purchasing 20 t-shirts for each Rs 5/- then you are spending Rs 100/- still.

You ask for yourself “Do I really need it”? Then, you get the answer for it. Don’t go for quantity (num) go only for quality.

If anything comes under budget, go to buy online or offline/ local store. Otherwise compromise or wait for offers, wait for off season etc.

2. Go for classics :

Men prefer classic most. Because every person thinks he has bought already and filled my timeless wardrobe no need to buy now.

Here you can try some staples :

  • Polo’s
  • Black shirt
  • Blazers
  • Jeans
  • Suits
  • Ties
  • Shoes
  • T-shirts
  • Shirts
  • Trousers
  • Jackets
  • Trench coats
  • Sunglasses
  • Watch n belts

Try these combinations with other staple outfits to look different. You can wear white t-shirt under black or blue (blazer/coat) on blue jeans and white sneakers add hoodie too if possible. This automatically created a different look.

3. Wait for discounts :

Be Update on your favorite store’s clearance sale. There are some spring/autumn, winter, new year, festival season offers to attract customers where surplus items to be sold.

You have to ask regular to shop owner/management about offers like:

  • Any discount there for me?
  • Are coupons available now?
  • Any buy & get offers?

4. Buy Shoe Socks & Underwear (low price)

Save money on theses two items unless you are a rich kid. Anyhow they are invisible/ inside outfit. So, no need to go heavy on these. This will save your money. But, buy quality in your budget.

5. Shop out of Season :

In season days obviously you need to pay high. So, make sure to buy goods in out of season. This will save your money and cones under your budget.

6. Buy at nearest outlet store :

It saves your transportation costs & visit shops in early as you have a choice of ‘full stock’. Go with friends n family do chill out. Have trails in store for your comfort options. Shop owner may give you any discount if you are a regular customer to him.

7. Shop Online :

Shopping online is a good option to save money. As they are dealing with direct manufacturers we can save mediators money. Check for promo/ coupon codes.

Go for websites like,,,

8. Trade Clothing :

Go for trade clothing as they are not wear by any one. If you want to wash them they seem like a new product. Looks like a new as picking up at store only. You will save money & it comes under budget.

9. Sample sales :

Used by the retailers to reduce merchandisers cost. Means, featured items designed by designers and put on the models to showcase on fashion runways or to retailers directly.

Lakme conducts it’s runway fashion weeks as ‘Lakme Fashion Week’.

These are some tips to go under budget friendly. Do a little smart shopping. Don’t go so expensive. Keep the balance between buying too heavy or buying too low.

Hope you all like it… Go online… Go shopping!!

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Best tips for mens shopping under budget
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Best tips for mens shopping under budget
Best tips for mens shopping under budget : 1. Wait for discounts 2. Shop Online 3. Buy what you need
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