Best watch for men to buy 2021 | Factors to know

There are must and should factors you need to know when you are going to buy or purchase a watch. Let us discuss briefly.

1. Type of watch

There are main four types of watches.

  • Aviation watch : A pilot named Cartier, introduced it in 1911 especially for pilots with more features when there was no navigation system.

Features : Night use, Luminous Dials, Numerals etc.

  • Driving watch : For Motor sports to measure the speed of the vehicle. Looks glamorous & utility experience to drivers. As Automobile Industry boomed, these watches also boomed. So much attractive in style.

Features: stop watch feature, Tachymeter measure.

  • Dress watch : Jewelry like type and can’t be easily noticed align with dress below the cuffs

Features: Show the Roman Numbers, precious metal.

  • Diving watch : For divers under the water. Tells how much Immersion Times left.

Features: Luminous hands, dials, Versatile in nature.

2. Movements

Movement means How it is working nothing but Calibre. Calibres are of 3 types.

  • Quality : use mechanical calibre, battery operated, counts pulse rate, accurate time, low maintenance costs.
  • Mechanical : Mainspring runs the Calibre. It has complex moving gears. Lifetime longevity features.
  • Automatic : A self winding watch harness the kinetic energy movement from motion who ever wear it. No manned winding required. No need to change the battery.

3. Pricing

It’s most important thing to buy as per price of product. Best quality watches have high price. Ex : Rolex, a costly watch because of it’s best design and precious metal. Quartz, a cheap quality due to it’s low cost material.

4. Complications

Less complications attract more. Focus on complications free watch product.

5. Size

Size the watch according to your wrist. 10mm thickness is better than 15mm thickness. Looks simple without heavy.

6. Straps

Straps design & it’s look ensure a different version of wearer. Prefer Leather straps. Otherwise go for metal watches if you want sweat free straps.

7. Accuracy

Accurate watches are Quartz. Mechanical watches are more accurate. Accuracy is most important thing in any watch.

8. Vintage

Vintage watches are good as compared to modern watches as they more accurate, strength, with heavy material and quality.

It’s confusing if you don’t know about watches hence, we tried to incorporate these factors. These are enough to buy a watch eighther it’s a branded or normal.

After checking factors you can go online and offline to purchase them effortlessly.



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