Hair loss tips for men 2021 | Hair fall solutions

Hair loss tips for men 2021 | Hair fall solutions:

Hair fall.. It’s hair fall…. OMG !!

Every 3 persons out of 10 saying above word Hair loss, the most common problem nowadays. This is most happening problem in men’s life.

Reasons for Hair loss/Hair fall :

It’s a common phenomenon and a deep worry about hair. There are some reasons behind hair loss obviously. They are :

  • Protein deficiency
  • Genetics
  • Diet problem
  • Stress
  • Pollution

Frequent wearing of Helmets, Hats or Caps are also the reasons of hair fall. Hair loss can be minimized by adopting simple tips.

Hair loss tips for men :

1. Take protein diet :

Include protein rich foods like Fish, chicken, eggs, pulses, beans etc to your diet results reduce hair loss.

2.TakeĀ  vitamin diet :

Vitamins are good for your health and reduce your hair fall or loss. Like :

  • Vitamin-A : Ensures the production of healthy sebum in scalp.
  • Vitamin-B : Maintain healthy hair color.
  • Vitamin-E : Improve blood circulation in scalp.

3. Wash hair with mild shampoo:

To keep hair & scalp clean, make sure you wash hair regularly with any mild shampoo. Due to this, you can lower the dandruff & infections risk. Otherwise hair fall or loss happens.

4. Use oils to massage scalp :

Whoever experiencing hair loss problem, they must n should massage their scalps with essential oils on scalps. Oils helps prevent hair loss and proper blood circulation passes through hair.

Use Almond oil, lavender oil, sesame oils etc.

5. Don’t do brush on wet hair :

Hair is in it’s weak state if it is wet. Chances of hair losses are more in wet condition. So, don’t do frequent combing & use wide-tooth comb. It is better to use your hand fingers rather than using Combs.

6. Use Ginger, garlic, onion juices:

Use this paste or individual to rub your scalp. Apply on night and wash in the morning. Do frequently twice in a week. Notice the results later.

7. Drink plenty of water :

Hair requires 3/4 of water. So drink plenty of water to stay hydrated & results in healthy hair growth.

8. Do exercise :

Do physical activities like walking, running, exercise, swim, bike ride for at least 40 min in a day. Activities balance the Hormone levels by reducing stress.

9. Avoid smoking, drinking :

Drinking, smoking cause hair fall. Because, they minimize the blood flow to hair. Results baldness.

10. Don’t take stress :

There is an evidence of stress linked with hair fall. Do meditation, yoga, exercise to reduce stress & maintain hormones balance.

11. Avoid heating / drying :

Constant heating n drying hair causes loss of hair. Heating weaks proteins in hair and hair fragility results into hair fall.

12. Don’t use chemicals, hair colors :

Chemicals & hair colors could damage hair. It’s best to you don’t use these chemicals, colors if you are suffering from hair fall.

Other ways to try :

13. Green Tea :

It’s a herbal remedy for hair fall. It contains Poly-phenolic compounds prevent hair loss.

14. Biotin :

Also known as vitamin-H (B complex vit) converts food into energy. According to studies, Biotin rich foods prevent hair loss.

Ex: Nuts, eggs, sweet potatoes, onion, oats etc.

15. Bhringraj :

A false Daisy (medical herb) used to prepare Ayurvedic Medicines prevent hair loss and leads to re-growth.

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Hair loss tips for men 2021 | Hair fall solutions
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Hair loss tips for men 2021 | Hair fall solutions
Reasons for Hair loss/Hair fall : 1. Protein deficiency 2. Genetics 3. Diet problem 4. Stress 5. Pollution
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