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80/20 rule is the best option to maximize output of your style by minimize cost, energy & time you want to spend.

Most of the people spend 80% of their efforts resulting only 20% . Too much activity wasted for low results.

Let us discuss how this 80/20 rule apply to style :

Here you can use this principle 80/20 to stay high with low efforts. You don’t want to spend lot of time, sources. Just focus on 20% things and think how to convert it to 80% of results.

Here are the things list you should try for 80/20 rule:

1. clean up real good (focus Grooming) :

Focus on grooming needs that fulfill 80/20 formula. We focus only 80% on clothing but not on  20% accessories. If you focus on both of them  then, it completes your style with 100% fashionable.

Clean your teeths & have mints to avoid bad smell from mouth. First focus on grooming after comes wardrobes. Must have beard trimmer if you have beard, tweezer, nose trimmer etc. Main thing is to keep the things detailed

Shorten your nails, a quality haircut. It don’t require hours of time to undergoing your grooming changes. Spend little time on these things & get results  more. Grab this online or local store. Spend some time on daily grooming.

2. Wearing shoes :

Do you have shoes? New or old? Whatever those clean them & polish them.

If you wear polished / cleaned shoe then you will get best compliments. People will definitely ask you like “Do you bought new shoes?”  “These are good”. “You look handsome & fashionable”, ” Love to see your shoes ” etc. Always clean & polish shoes. It is mostly neglected. Be smart, stylish & fashionable.

3. Season noticed things :

If it is winter, go for season related jackets. If you wear leather jacket you will get more impressions even on first site Only.

Do shopping online, local store to buy them. Spend more ey wisely. Notice the things.

Try our recommended leather jackets here.

4. Use right accessories :

Accessories are compulsory if you wear anything like shirts, jeans, trousers, shorts jackets. Include to your outfit.

Because they are available cheap. So incorporate them. Your outfit will be maximize with least efforts. Buy 6-7 colored scarves or hats try to match on every different outfit.

5. Remove Unnecessary :

We use favorite things only 20% and repeat them for 80% times. So what about remaining 80% favorite things or outfits. So, do eliminate if you are not using any of them. They are having your closet space lot.

Keep your 20% of outfits are in store and store away remaining 80% if you are not wearing in present season.

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How to apply 80/20 rule to your style
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How to apply 80/20 rule to your style
How to apply 80/20 rule to your style
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