Mens Fashion Evolution in India

Mens Fashion Evolution in India keeps changing as similar to women’s fashion. But, many men don’t go over board with the trends. They stick to their comfort while dressing. India is evolving as the fastest growing fashion market in the world, mens western wear category also accelerating too.

Here you can go through this ‘True Story About How Fashion Trends Are Born’ 👇

The True Story About How Fashion Trends Are Born

However, Men’s fashion purchases were need based. But, now scenario has changed. They also paying a great attention to their styling and fashion rather than their need.

Men’s western wear accounts for atleast 65-75 percent of overall fashion market in our country. Men’s western wear adopted as standard office board as early as 100 years ago in India. In those Suits, Jackets and Collared Shirts were the earliest adopted categories. They were supported by yesterday year’s political leaders like Jawahar lal Nehru, Lala Lajpat Rai, BR.Ambedkar etc.

1. The Evolution of Men’s Fashion in India not only brings changes but also the tremendous modern fashion market in India. Here, we are going to discuss how the fashion enters in our country and how it influences our generations and our daily lives.

2. One of the biggest trigger for western wear is the adoption of Western clothes in Bollywood, South Indian films in 70s and 80s time. This brought Shirts and Trousers to the masses as daily wear.

bollywood actors
70s and 80s actors

3. With the advent of e-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart the new collections are launched worldwide through online with multiple options like Size, Colour and payments. Due to this, Fashion customers order online with a single touch rather going to the offline.

men's fashion e commerce
Men’s fashion e commerce

4. Last but not least, men are more aware of their choices and this is the testimonial that western men’s wear to grow rapidly in coming years. With increase of online shopping the men’s fashion market to grow deeper into the small towns and even in rural areas also.


Social media platforms are going to add demand for the trendy clothes in India as they showcase consumer preferences in Fashion with changing times.

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