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Summer fashion trends for men in 2021- Cool outfits

Which ever outfit you choose it should be breezy especially in summers. Linen & light Cotton clothes have small holes ensure the air circulates through them. Linen is a great option for tailoring especially in summers. Here, are some Summer fashion trends for men in 2021-Cool outfits to be discussed briefly.

Summer Outfits :

Let’s start from shorts. Shorts become prominent and an essential outfit in summer fashion trends for men.

1. Shorts :

Shorts is a trendy subject nowadays. Go for middle path between too long or too short. As a golden rule, size them on just above the knees. Thigh should be visible few inches when you wear shorts and well fitted.

  • Chino shorts : They keep you be cool & fashionable. Lot of colours to try such as Khaki, Grey Olive, Navy on different shirts and shoes.
  • Aesthetic shorts : These are the relaxed casuals. Pair these on simple t-shirts, shirts, & blazers. Add sneakers to these outfits for completing the look. Try basic colours.
  • Denim shorts : you should go for various types like G-star Raw 3301 slim shorts, ksubi men’s Denim Shorts, Asos slim Denim shorts, Levi’s Denim, Asos Relaxed Denim, Vintage shorts etc.

asos slim denim

2. Shirts :

To tackle from sun, opt for appropriate design in fabrics & vibrant prints as follows.

  • Sunward men’s Regular fit
  • White Bandana print half sleeves
  • Navy Linen shirts
  • Chambray
  • Patterned short sleeves

pattern short sleeves for men

Try cotton clothes in summers as they allowing get rid of sweat and keeps cool your body in hot weather.

3. Pants :

For this section, you can prefer different types of pants like Jeans, chinos, loose pants.

  • Jeans : Light weight jeans are one of the good options to wear in summers according to your outfit & skin color. Add any outfits on jeans it doesn’t go wrong if you add formal & casuals.
  • Chinos : Stable for any occasions, used by every generation of modern times. Derived from Twill cloth more hard wear than wool without roughness of the Denim. Khaki, Navy chinos are more rich in look. White n black chinos are a good option.

4. Shoes :

Shoes keep your feet cool & comfortable. Go for lighter colors in summer. Sneakers are very opt in this summer season.

  • ¬†White Sneakers : A good option with lightweight.
  • Sandals : If you have a lower budget go for it.
  • Boat shoes : To be wear when Sailing & for Styling.


5. T-shirts :

  • Striped T-shirts : Striped lines make you visible slim.
  • Pastel polo T-shirts : Having collar to it look rich and official. People prefer to wear while playing golf.

polo tshirt

Both keep cool, light to wear & best t-shirts in summer.

6. Caps :

Cap is a must n should object if you step out from home and protects you from Sun rays. To be general have a Base ball cap is essential comes in a low budget & easy to wear. Try for Hip-Hop cap to look crazy n stylish.

caps for men

7. Simple watch :

Whatever the occasion is, watch must be there eighther for styling or for Time watch. Simple watch adds your summer outfit full fledged.

  • Try for NATO Nylon Straps ( Inexpensive n waterproof)

nato watch

8. Accessories :

Accessories like Woven Belt, Polarised Sunglasses, Socks, Finger Rings, Bracelet, Wristband add your outfit an extra point. Go for simple, Non-metal, light weight accessories.

 accessories for men

These outfits will improve your fashion more colorful, brings coolness in hot summers.









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