Top 10 mens street fashion trends in India-2021

Top 10 mens street fashion trends in India-2021¬† with a lot of changes in it’s scenario. Have a glimps on it . Here are those top 10 trends with great styling.

1. Jeans and shirts :

Jeans are made up of traditional pants which made from Denim cotton. Easy to wear, looks good and variant in colours. You can wear them on any outfit like shirts, t-shirts, jackets, suits etc.

Jeans with shirts a great combination. You can try multiple coloured  shirts on a single blue jeans. You can try this combination in any occasions like partywears, functions, dailywear etc.

Top 10 mens street fashion trends in India

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2. T-shirts :

T-shirts get their name from it’s t-shape. some people wear them on any occasion and others feel t-shirts are utterly juvenile & look sloppy. I personally feel they are classic, versatile clothing piece to wear on some occasions. Nowadays, patched work t-shirts are in trending, you should definitely try them.

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3. Shorts :

Over the years, shorts get shorter up to thighs and they are easy to wear daily with comfortably. Most of the people prefer to wear in nights before going to sleep, for jogging, running, exercising etc. They easily pair up with t-shirts, shirts, which gives a good look.


4. Trousers / chinos :

Trousers have the first priority in everyone’s wardrobe. you can wear anything (shirts, t-shirts, suits) on trousers & provides rich look to you. Nowadays, chinos are very trending due to its look, outfit and style. Pairing with printed shirts, shirts, chinos rock the show.


5. Joggers :

After lot of experiments with fabrics, the classy jersey jogger has born.  As just not as a casual wear but also became a part of the Athleisure trend. It managed to retain every ounce of comfort.


6. Jackets :

Every man’s wardrobe should have atleast a jacket. There are different types of jackets available. Like hoodies(for casual wear), denim jacket(for durability), biker jacket, bomber jacket etc.


7. Goggles :

It’s the most important to find sunglasses that fit on the face & your features. Use according to your face shape. Some are Retro glasses, Aviators, Wayfarer they protect from UV rays.


8. Caps / Hats :

Hat or Caps can entirely change the look. To look different add a hat to your dressing. They are versatile and functional men’s accessory for all seasons. Some of them are Baseball caps, panorama hats, park-pie hat, regular caps, top hat, flat caps.


9. Flip flops :

Mens flip flops took a while to reach next level of style evolution. As of now,flip flops are the hottest trends in footwear fashion. Easy to wear, comfortable on jeans, kurtas, trousers, joggers. Double strap is more durable & provides better grip to feet.


10. Accessories :

Accessory as an item to contribute to wearer’s best outfit & integral part of fashion. It gives a good look but, overdoing them can kill your look. Some of them are Bracelets, watches, finger rings, belts, mens bags, jewellary, ties and bow-ties.



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