Top 12 accessories for men in 2021

Top 12 accessories for men in 2021

 “Don’t under estimate the power of Accessories” – Menlifefashion


Men's accessories

Most of the people only focus on top front runners like Jeans, Shirts, Trousers etc by ignoring the accessories. They make or break the outfit. Men’s fashion always popular with its accessories.

We are here to minimize your uncertainties regarding accessories. We outlined the best accessories for men to try for this year. So, with out wasting any time let’s go for the list.

1. Scarves

Scarves are not only meant for women but also for men. For men, they give a different look and available in different colors. If it is matches your outfit then it’s good otherwise go for different colors. We suggest you some colors like Navy blue, Black, Light colors & Checks.


You can wear them on any occasion like function, parties, vacation, riding etc. If you are a photography lover, then click some pics with scarves & framed it in your album.

2. Eye wear

Coming to eye wear 1st n most come in our minds is Sunglasses. That much priority is there for sunglasses. These elevates your personality and look to another level. Go for branded one and avoid cheaper sunglasses. Most important thing is that buy sunglasses which suits to your face shape. Some suggestions are :

  • For Round Shape : Rectangular sunglasses
  • For sharp features : Round sunglasses

eye wear

3. Hats

So many hat types are there. Choose according to your outfit & season. If you wear a suit, then go for ‘wool Hat’.


In general you can use a Baseball Caps, Beanies in winter and Hip hops for styling, chilling & dancing. Use Panama caps when you wear a Collar. For Light weight Straw Hats are good.

4. Rings

Generally rings wore by women. but, nowadays rings for boys became one of the essential accessories. go for simple metals. if you want to look rich you can go for gold, silver design according to your fashion sense.


5. Ties

Don’t think ties are only for office goers. wear them on casuals though. when you go for business meetings use conservative silk ties. do lot more experiment with ties. try for different colors. but, do remember color gradient combinations. just chill and enjoy the parties wearing ties.


6. Tie-clips

These are nowadays pinned for fashion purely. we suggest gold or silver as they match to any color and gives rich look. they are made in different varities and styles.

tie clips

7. Bracelets

Bracelets became more popular in mens fashion world. more popular are leather cord bracelets, they look good.please avoid the fairly look outdated of leather cuffs.

Buddhists wear some bracelets name Mala bracelets though they became  controversial nowadays.


8. Belts

used for tie your outfits. belts look amazing in formals. match the color of belts with shoes. if you wear black shoes then go for black belts only. Don’t be clumsy. Otherwise you look odd. Prefer Leather belts most.

men belts

9. Necklaces

It means pendants. Try super cool pendants with famous designs which provides you a chunky or mass style. Leather cords are a good option. If you want more rich look go for Gold or Silver.

necklaces men

10. Wallets

Primarily wallets used for holding the money. Fashion comes second. Stick with some leather type wallets. Branded or Street sold wallets are also your options. Most preferred colors are Black, Brown, Ox blood & Maroon. Go for your choice.


11. Cuff links

Cuff links used in Suits wear & go hand in hand with the French Cuff shirt formals. Don’t use large size cuff links as they look weird. Try small or medium as possible. Silver, Gold, Gemstone cuff links are universal cuff links to wear on any colored shirts.

cuff links

12. Watches

Match the watch strap with your belt colors if you wear watch strap. For casuals, there are fabric straps and for metal, go for Gold or Silver. If you use a good quality of watch then go for skeleton type otherwise keep it as plain as possible.

 watch for men

To go rich try some brands like Rolex, Crocodile, Titan, Daniel Wellington etc.

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