Top 6 mens face washes for pimples

Top 6 mens face washes for pimples

Face wash removes dead skin cells, oil, dirt & other pollutants from skin & helps to unclog the pores prevent from acne. But, coming to pimples face wash it removes pimples.

It’s also an important to take care of skin & use of perfect suitable face wash according to your skin type. Don’t use wrong face wash cream or gel. Otherwise, it can cause sebum & dirt leads to more breakout of skin by loading inside your skin pores.

Use face washes which contain SALICYLIC ACID , removes dead skin cells & deeply clean your skin pores. Here is the list below.

Top 6 mens face washes for pimples :

1. Himalaya Men pimple clear Neem Face wash :

neem facewash

It’s a herbal product used to get rid of your pimples. Combined blend of natural salicylic acid & neem with soap free which both have properties of Anti-bacterial & Anti-Septic that effectively fights with pimples.

The technology used is ‘Spice active boost technology’ & designed only for skin of men which helps in rapid action to remove pimples. Comes for all skin types and gives glow skin.

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2. Garnier Men Acno fight 6 in 1 Anti pimple Face wash :

garnier facewash

Ideal for men’s pimple who want effective control of pimple & oily skin. It’s a 6 in 1 anti pimple face wash. It cleans your skin, keeps fresh, & dry. Remove black heads, pores, exfoliate skin with it’s micro-beds.

It has natural ingredients like Salicylic acid which removes bacteria & cleansing nature. It is with Gel based, oil based control reduce the skin redress & lighten the skin marks.

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3. Loreal Men expert white active (Anti acne) Volcano brightening foam:


Volcano brightening foam of its which absorbs oil. It has Anti-bacterial salicylic acid with high concentration which removes acne/pimples, spots and also removes oil, impurities & dirt instantly from your skin. Volcanic mineral from as a Main ingredient removes sweat and sebum oil.

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4. Pond’s Men pimple Clear oil control Face wash :

pimple clear

Pond’s, in the name of product only reveals it’s s pimple clear face wash comes with ‘Thymo-T essence’ which helps reduce pimples in 3 days & prevent from spreading & appearing pimples. Ideal for oily skin men, removes oil excess with out dry leaving. Pores can be unclog, enriched with mineral Clay.

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5. Ustraa Face wash Acne control with Neem & Charcoal :


It is best for acne prone & sensitive skins for men. It’s an acne control with neem & charcoal as main ingredients and free from any harmful chemicals & SLS etc.

Neem has Anti-Septic nature & charcoal with cleansing nature both combination in a single face wash reduce skin break outs & acne. It keeps skin fresh, healthy by preventing excess oils from skin.

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6. Beardo Activated Charcoal Acne oil & Pollution control Face wash :


It has charcoal, olive oil, Tea tree oil, Aloevera, Lavender oils as it’s main ingredients. One of the best face wash creams removes oils & pimples. Very effective one. Charcoal allows deep cleansing & oil can be removed. A great pollution combating nature with acne free skin.

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