Top 9 Beauty tips for men 2021

I know what you guys are thinking…. ” I’m looking smart, why do I need any beauty tips ?”. If you care about skin health, hair & body, then you need to have a bit of beauty tip. With following simple beauty tips for men, you guys able to keep the body happy without much work.

Skin Care Tips :

1. Cleanse your Face :

Not women only need to wash & cleanse their faces but men also. Dust, Pollution, Sweat & Dirt can clog your face pores. End of the day, you need to wash your face to clean the junk from skin.


Cleansers help remove excess oil, if you struggle with oil / acne.  You will want to add a daily cleanser into night / morning routine.

Apricot scrub works nicely to clean your face skin & can minimize pores.

2. Moisturize Skin :

Skin is the largest organ of your body. So, it’s important to moisturize your skin. Approx 8 Pounds of skin carried by an adult. So, you need to make sure it is healthy. Drink plenty of water. Still your skin feels little dry, apply a lotion after bath. Use body lotion for body and face moisturizer for face respectively.


3. Protect Face when you Shave :

It’s must n should to protect your face when you are shaving. Male skin is more prone to sensitivity. So, if you are not using shaving cream when you grooming the face, then you definitely need to do.


Go for shave creams with soothing, Anti-oxidant ingredients. Try for Avedas shave cream. Don’t use shave gels, they are tend to have more Alcohol which increases the dry skin risk.

4. Minimize Eye Wrinkles :

Proper Diet will help your wrinkles to minimum. Hydrated / water full Fruits & Veggies keep skin grow & youthful. Add some watermelon, Cucumbers, Lemons & Tomatoes. Add Cabbagies to your diet, rich in vit C, vit A erase wrinkles. Fibre in Cabbagies pushes away waste & toxins out of your body & making you look young.

Wrinkles eye

5. Apply Brow Wax :

This tip is stealed from women. Because, it is also applied for mens also. Guys who want to enhance their facial features, they should pluck n groom brows. To look a handsome shape, go to professional waxing.

Brow wax

6. Keep Lips soft :

For this use Lip balm preferably with sun protection. You can put into pocket & apply it throughout the day or at nights.

Lip balm men

Try for men’s Lipbalm nivea

7. Whiten your smile :

First people notice your smile. your white teeths not only look nice, but also save your time & money to knock the dentist’s office. Daily brushing, flossing & using mouth wash lower the risk of cavities, gum disease & bleeding infections. If you smoke/drink lot of coffee then approach your dentist for more tips.

Whiten smile

Hair care tips :

8. Use men’s shampoo :

Men scalps are different & women scalps are different. man’s scalp is itchy, irritated & react poorly to some ingrediants. Because of this, men should try men’s hair products. Man’s scalp produce more oil than women’s scalp. so, use best shampoo to cleanse hair without over dry it.


Use shampoo for men to keep your scalp healthy.

9. Use Conditioners :

If your hair is longer then you should definitely add a conditioner to your shower shelf. No need to use it for short hair. Conditioner adds back if shampoo strips away.



Not only these, but also having plenty of sleep of 8-9 hours otherwise you notice bags under eyes. If you observe still, you can try for Chilled raw potato slices placed under eyes for about 30 minutes, they can help to reduce dark circles. Potatoes contain Catecholase, a skin lightening engyme in it.

If you don’t do all these, atleast try some of them. they will help your skin, hair & teeth health. you will look better & feel better.


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